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"I really appreciated Mark's mixing and mastering work on my last song Who I Am (Back to Blackness) -- he is efficient, unassuming, talented and a true music lover. I'm looking forward to working with Mark again in the near future" - Hillary Sargeant


To save money, many artists prefer to track in the comfort of their own homes these days. And while that (usually) works out fine... what's a little more daunting (and difficult!) is attempting to mix your own music without an acoustically controlled space and pro-level (read "expensive") and accurate monitoring. If you can't totally trust your room or monitors, you won't be able to make informed decisions about your mixes. Putting it another way: If what you're hearing on your home setup sounds awesome, but totally different in your car, or at your friend's house... you may need some help! :)

Mixing typically includes optimizing levels, advanced corrective and creative application of EQs, compression, reverb, delay, chorus, distortion etc to individual tracks and groups. We use a range of both high-end digital plugins and analog hardware to mix your song, including summing all your tracks thru our Chandler 16 channel analog summing mixer.

step 1Make Your Files "Mix Ready!"

  • Please correct all timing and tuning issues before you upload your files. Especially check your edits to make sure there are no clicks or pops (use cross fades) and that there is no unwanted noise or distortion in your tracks. Make sure your levels are not too high and not clipping. The cleaner your tracks, the better the end result!
  • Please submit files as WAV or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96Khz: 16 or 24 bit (24 bit preferable).
  • Please bounce/consolidate/render your multitracks from the start of the song (bar 1, beat 1/zero point).
  • To keep our standard mix services affordable, we have a 32-track limit per song. (Up to 64 track mixing is available for an additional fee, please contact us for details.)
  • We are unable to accept session files of any format (Pro Tools, Logic etc.)
  • Please bounce/consolidate your files dry, i.e without any effects (this includes compressors/limiters). Only print effects if they are particularly unique or unusual or an integral part of the sound and could not easily be recreated by our mix engineer. If you do need to print effects, please also include a dry version as a back up.
  • Please bounce down all MIDI/virtual instruments -- we can only accept audio files.
  • Please include a reference, or guide mix of your song and as much written information about how you'd like your track to sound. Feel free to also send us a commercially released reference track (from another artist) too. While we will endeavor to get your mix as close as possible to this reference track, please note that the end result will largely depend on the quality of the multitracks you supply.

step 2Upload Your Files!

  • Please ensure all your files are clearly named (eg. Yesterday_AcGuitar.wav, Yesterday_Vocal.wav, Yesterday_StringQuartet.wav etc.).
  • Data compress (using Stuffit, WinZip or equivalent) all your multitracks into single .zip files -- one per song (eg., etc.)
  • Start the upload process by first registering with our FTP service at:
  • Once you've set up your free dropbox account, e-mail us and we'll set up a shared folder for you to drag all your files into. This will also be the folder that we copy your finished mixes into.

step 3Pay For Your Mixes.

  • Once we have successfully received all your files, we calculate the total fee for your job and e-mail you an electronic invoice to pay via PayPal or Bitcoin.
  • Mixing starts at $300 per song*. Includes one finished mix, with unlimited minor revision passes for free (until the song is approved). Major editing or substantial remixes are billed at $75/hour. Mix variations, including the rendering out of TV/Instrumental/Acappella tracks, stereo mix stems or similar variations are also invoiced separately.

Pay With Bitcoin

When Will My Mixes Be Ready?

Depending on our schedule and the size of your project, our turnaround time is usually within 7-14 days. Once mixed, we simply transfer your finished files back into your dropbox folder.

What Do I Get?

  • ‘Listening’ reference copy at 44.1/16bit (level limited, but not intended for mastering)
  • Unlimited (not level limited) mix master at original sample rate and bit depth (suitable for mastering)
  • Per-track mix price includes unlimited minor revision passes for free (until approved). Major editing, substantial remixes or revision requests after your mix has been approved are billed at $75/hour.
  • Please Note: all source files for completed mixes will be deleted from our servers after 6 weeks. Please be sure to back up your files!



*For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length. Prices quoted are in USD and do not include 4% PayPal fee. 6% fee (international payments). All estimates are valid for 30 days only.

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