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The tracks sound great, and the whole process was smooth from start to finish. Can't recommend him enough." - Jason Harwell, The Warm Fuzzies


Mastering is the final stage of finishing, adding "polish" to your tracks prior to replication or duplication. It involves raising the overall volume of tracks, applying any last minute corrective EQ, overall program compression, setting track order, adding fade ins and outs and making sure your album "flows" and sounds consistent from start to finish. We also include industry standard DDP image files for uploading to your replication house.

step 1 Prepare And Check Your Files For Mastering!

  • Please submit interleaved stereo WAV or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96Khz: 16 or 24 bit (24 bit is highly recommended over 16 bit for the best result)
  • Make sure there is no limiting on the master bus when you are mixing your tracks and only very minimal compression (or none at all)
  • Leave plenty of headroom for us to work with. i.e don't mix your tracks too hot! Clipped or distorted mixes cannot be fixed at mastering.
  • We are unable to accept session files of any format (Pro Tools, Logic etc.) only stereo WAV or AIFF files.
  • Please include as much written information about how you'd like your master to sound. Feel free to send us a commercially released reference track as a guide. While we will endeavor to get your master as close as possible to this reference track, please note that the end result will largely depend on the quality of the mix you supply.

step 2Upload Your Stereo Mixes!

  • Please ensure all your files are clearly named (eg. 01_Title_Artist.wav, 02_Help_Beatles.wav etc.)
  • Data compress (WinZip, StuffIt etc.) all your mix files to create a single .zip file containing your entire EP or full length record
  • Upload your songs by first registering with our FTP service at:
  • Once you've set up your free dropbox account, e-mail us and we'll set up a shared folder for you to drag all your mixes into. This will also be the folder that we copy your finished masters into.

step 3Pay For Your Masters.

  • Once we have successfully received your stereo mixes, we calculate the total fee for your job and e-mail you an electronic invoice to pay via PayPal or Bitcoin (see below).
  • Mastering starts at $75 per song*. Including one free revision, if requested. Further mastering revisions, or major editing requests are charged at $75 per hour. Mastering from stereo stems is available upon request for an additional charge per track.

When Will My Masters Be Ready To Download?

In most cases, the turnaround time is within 7 days. Once mastered, we simply transfer your finished files back into the same dropbox shared folder.

What Do I Get?

  • Master copy at 44.1/16bit (single, continuous file of the entire EP/Album)
  • Master copy at 44.1/16bit (individual tracks)
  • DDP image file of your EP or full length record
  • One revision of your master is included in the price (if required). Please let us know within 24 hours of receiving your master if you would like any changes. Any additional remastering will be charged at our hourly rate of $75/hr.


*For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length. Prices quoted are in USD and do not include 4% PayPal fee. 6% fee (international payments). All estimates are valid for 30 days only.

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