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"Mark brings to the table both precision and passion in all things audio. When it comes to shaping and salvaging the sound and dialogue for my films, Mark has renewed my belief in the audio engineer as artist and craftsman. I highly recommend him to anyone concerned with dramatically raising the production value of their project." - Ben Stamper, Award-Winning Director


Indie film makers are renowned not only for their vision, ingenuity and creative problem solving -- they are often required to create work on very limited budgets. Documentary, activist and student film makers typically work in small teams, or even alone. It goes with the territory. And amidst such challenges, sound can sometimes be neglected -- "let's hire the best mic we can, and hope for the best."

But whatever the reason -- human error or just bad luck -- the sound you end up with at the end of a shoot is sometimes less than ideal. And on a tight budget and schedule, re-shooting is rarely possible. Small House Creative offers a range of editing and enhancement services to optimize your film's sound -- and sometimes even save it! :)

In addition to sound editing and mixing (both music and SFX) we provide a range of custom solutions for enhancing dialogue:

  • Matching tone/level of different mics used on set (lav vs boom, for example)
  • Improving speech clarity by selective use of EQ
  • Reducing distracting room tone (unwanted reverb, for example)
  • Reducing or removing unwanted ambient or set noise (crew, dolly noise, bumps, footsteps, chirping birds, traffic, planes)
  • Replacing dialogue compromised by distortion, wind, clothing sounds, boom handling etc.
  • Smoothing out transitions between shots (so conversations appear in the same space)
  • Fixing articulation problems, overlaps, and other language or performance related issues
  • Removing or reducing unwanted vocal sounds, such as lip smacks and clicks etc
  • Suggesting which sections may need to be fixed by ADR
  • Creating and editing of SFX and Backgrounds
  • Providing Sound Design and Mixing services

Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail and request an estimate for your film.



Prices quoted are in USD and do not include 4% PayPal fee. 6% fee (international payments). All estimates are valid for 30 days only.

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