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How do you define "mix revision"?

By mix revision we mean a small number of minor alterations to levels or effects (EQ, compression, delay, reverb etc) within your mix. Major changes will not be regarded as a revision but a re-mix and will be charged for at current hourly mix rates. Please provide us with us much written information about your expectations before we mix your song and include a commercially released reference track if necessary.

Will my song be mixed on an analog console "in the box"?

While some parts of the mix process are more suited to the accuracy (and recall) that only digital systems offer, the majority of your mix will be done on our fully analog Chandler summing mixer.

Can my song be mixed onto tape?

Sorry, but we don't yet offer this service.

Can I put my files on a CD/DVD and mail them to you?

Sorry, but our service is an online mix/mastering service only. Files may be uploaded to us thru our secure FTP service.

What is a limited ‘reference’ mix?

This is a 44.1/16 bit mix that has been limited to bring its overall level more in line with commercial releases. This is for ripping to CD or MP3 and is suitable for reference only. The unlimited 24 bit version we supply is the one to use for mastering.

Do you offer a mix and master bundle?

Sorry, but we don't yet offer bundles.

One of my songs is only 1:30 mins in length. Is this any cheaper?

Unfortunately not, as we charge a fixed rate per song.

How do you define one song?

For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length.

Can I sit in on my session while it is being mixed or mastered?

Unfortunately not. At this time we only offer an online mix/mastering service.

What are BitCoins? How do I use them to pay you?

For more information about the world's first decentralized, digital currency... check out this video or visit this site: We currently use for buying and selling all our bitcoins.

How do I contact you with mixing or mastering questions?

If you have a question about any of our services please send an e-mail to:email


*For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length. Prices quoted are in USD and do not include 4% PayPal fee. 6% fee (international payments). All estimates are valid for 30 days only.

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