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"Mark Tulk is a diligent artist that pays much attention to detail, and has performed a miracle on the last project he mastered for me. I do plan to bring more projects for him to master, and I do recommend him for such ... he has amazing gear, and refined ears." - Loris Holland, Producer/Composer/Performer (Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Jeff Buckley etc.)

"Mark is an aesthetic quiet storm -- very understated but beneath the surface brimming with ... artistic fury. Having toured and recorded with him extensively I have great faith in his every move." - Jim White (Yep Roc Recording Artist)

"Mark brings to the table both precision and passion in all things audio. When it comes to shaping and salvaging the sound and dialogue for my films, Mark has renewed by belief in the audio engineer as artist and craftsman. I highly recommend him to anyone concerned with dramatically raising the production value of their project." - Ben Stamper, Award-Winning Director

"I've been a fan of Mark at Small House Creative's work throughout the last decade or so, so when our band needed to mix a couple of songs for a monthly release series, we knew we could trust him to respect our vision but to also make them the best they could be. He certainly delivered! Throughout the process of mixing and mastering those tracks (as well as other projects Mark has worked on for us), Mark provided great service, feedback, and tremendous value on what we had to work with (which being an indie band, ain't much). The tracks sound great, and it was smooth from start to finish. Can't recommend him enough." - Jason Harwell, The Warm Fuzzies

Mark Tulk has exquisite ears... he finds a hundred small improvements to the overall sound that take the music to a whole higher level. - Gary Heidt, Mammals of Zod, Fist of Kindness, Van Reipen Collective, and DJ, WKCR, WUAG and WQFS

Mark Tulk is the master of mastering. He’s a great musician, and brings all that sensitivity to his engineering work. Mark hears things no one else hears, and makes everything sound better. - Cassandra Weston

"I'm so happy... [and] a bit mesmerized by how good this sounds. I've listened to a lot of local indie/acoustic music lately and the quality of the recording and production is world class. This is the most challenging thing I've ever done [and] I am blown away by the result of your mixing... all the hard work you've put into this." - Levi McGrath

“I’ve had the opportunity to live with the mix for a while and [also] passed it on to my label - unanimously we agree it’s excellent work.” - Mel Holder, Grammy-Nominated Saxophonist

"The mastering sounds wonderful. Thank you!" - Mt. Moriah AME Church (Music Department)

"Thanks Mark, I cannot be more pleased. Looking forward to working with you again soon! I appreciate your flexibility, professionalism and patience!!" - Zamar Nation

"I really appreciated Mark's mixing and mastering work on my last song Who I Am (Back to Blackness) -- he is efficient, unassuming, talented and a true music lover. I'm looking forward to working with Mark again in the near future" - Hillary Sargeant

"WOW! What an awesome job you have done with our mix, tightening up those few areas really makes a big difference. The drums and guitars sound just like I had imagined. Love it!" - Servare

"Thanks for the track. Sounds amazing!" - Gift Razz

"Thanks for all you've done again on mastering our project. Everyone loves it. Especially in the UK! We are selling quite a few over in that area... it's shocking!" - BROTHA

"Awesome! Loving it, sounds warm and full yet still has the clarity and depth. A job well done!" - Matt Katsis

"Thanks for helping us get all this done at the last minute, [the mixes] really do sound great and I can't wait to hear them mastered." - Doctor Squid

"Mark Tulk did an incredible job capturing the sounds and guiding us through the process with utmost sonic prowess..." - Leaving Araby

"Mark, It sounds great!!! Thanks again for everything!!!" - Tre Powell

"Hey Mark, everything sounds great! Thanks again for all the hard work you've done!" - Occupy Athens, GA

"I think it sounds fabulous. Awesome engineering/mixing and mastering." - Denise D'Angelo

"Thank you so much; and thank you so much for recording those BVs for us. They sound awesome." - Jim Woglom


Some of our other clients have included: Aradhna, ArnHao, Athens Montessori School, Back In Time, Bennett Unknown, Ben Stamper Pictures, Beyond Repair Productions, Brittany Holmes, BROTHA, Bryan Burrell, Colorado Talking Book Library, Denise D'Angelo-Jones, Doctor Squid, Fist of Kindness, Gary Heidt, Gift Razz (AUS), Haroula Rose, Hillary Sargeant, Hydrick Gass, Jim White, Jim Woglom, Kites With Lights, Leaving Araby, Levi McGrath (AUS), Loris Holland, Mammals of Zod, Maraiya Latulippe, Mark Tulk, Matt Daniel, Matt Katsis (AUS), NJWeedman, Occupy Athens GA, Omega Muzik, Paramaecium (AUS), Peter Alvanos (Elf Power, Fabulous Bird), Pillage & Plunder, Realm of Caring, Scott Sumner, Skye Hughes, The Warm Fuzzies, Yo Soybean, Zuigia.

*For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length. Prices quoted are in USD and do not include 4% PayPal fee. 6% fee (international payments). All estimates are valid for 30 days only.


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