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Founded in 2004, Small House Creative has been growing art and empowering artists for over a decade. Our Pro Tools HDX-based studio features an enviable collection of some of the world's most sought after boutique analog hardware and digital processing units. Having run a non-profit record label for many years, we continue our commitment to a philosophy of compassionate pricing -- striving to keep high quality audio services affordable for all.

We believe that the best audio gear and services should not just be available to the "one percent," but accessible to artists from all backgrounds and socio-economic groups. Our mix and mastering suite is based in Boulder, Colorado, and we regularly offer scholarships to low income earners and activists, and discounted services to registered charities.



Senior mix and mastering engineer Mark Tulk has been working professionally in audio as an engineer and producer for over fifteen years. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he is also a musician and artist and currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. He has collaborated and toured nationally (playing keys) with Southern-Gothic/Alt-Country legend Jim White and is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). In 2014 he scored the music for The Van Reipen Collective’s dramatic realization of Gertrude Stein’s epic poem, Tender Buttons: Food at Theater For The New City, in NYC.

Senior Mix/Mastering Engineer, Mark Tulk.

In addition to working with a wide range of musicians online, Mark also provides mixing and mastering services for private clients, including Emmy-award-winning producer, composer and musician Loris Holland (Mariah Carey, Jeff Buckley, Lauryn Hill etc.)


"Mark Tulk ... has amazing gear, and refined ears." - Loris Holland, Producer/Composer/Performer (Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Jeff Buckley etc.)

"Having toured and recorded with him extensively I have great faith in his every move." - Jim White (Yep Roc Recording Artist)



Pro Tools HDX with 16x16 analog I/O; Apple Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5; Chandler Limited MiniMixer (16 ch analog mixing/summing); 24 ch MC Mix controllers. Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo Core.

Plug-ins including: Universal Audio: Neve, Ampex, Studer, Harrison, Helios, Pultec, Fairchild etc; Waves Silver & SSL Channel; Abbey Road Suite Mastering EQ; Lexicon and Altiverb Reverbs; bx_digital EQ; Slate Digital: VCC; FG-X Compressor/LImiter; iZotope RX3 Advanced Noise Reduction; Plus many many other plug-ins and virtual instruments!


- Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27s
- Genelec 1029s (plus sub)

Outboard EQs, Compressors/Limiters & Pres:

Neve 1073 mic pre and EQ; Pendulum OCL-2 Electro-Optical Compressor; Chandler Limited/EMI CurveBender (exacting remake of EMI's TG12345 EQ used on Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon etc.); Chandler Limited/EMI Zener Limiter (the new EMI TG12413); Rupert Neve Portico 5042 "True Tape"; Teletronix LA2A; SPL Gold Mike ll, 2 ch tube pre (with A/D converters).


*For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length. Prices quoted are in USD and do not include 4% PayPal fee. 6% fee (international payments). All estimates are valid for 30 days only.


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